By Don Veinot

Some of our readers will remember our blog “The Occult Religion of #Black Lives Matter” from September of last year which delves into, Ifá Yoruba, the spiritual practices of #BLM according to the #BLM founders and leaders are the foundation on which the movement is built. A former practitioner of  Ifá Yoruba, Ivani Greppi, weighed in this week with, “The spiritual foundation of Black Lives Matter and Umbanda Spiritism” Umbanda Spiritism is one of several of the African Diaspora Religions such as: 

Vodou (Voodoo) developed primarily in Haiti and New Orleans; Santeria also known as Lacumi or Regla de Ocha, developed primarily in Cuba; Candomblé, Umbanda, and Quimbanda developed in Brazil. These spiritual systems all worship Yoruba deities called orisas (orishas, or orixás).

Ivani Greppi gives a short overview of her testimony but at the time of this writing I spent about an hour on the phone with her and found someone who is in love with the Lord and desires to reach others who are as deeply involved in the occult as she and her ancestors have been. The article is quite well done and adds information as to the rituals of #BLM:

During this protest, Abdullah, who led a group of demonstrators, poured libation on the ground while the group chanted “Asé” after names of the deceased were called. The ritual of pouring libation, common in many religions, is an offering to deities or spirits of the dead.

While politicians are calling for the elimination of religious influence in government, it appears that only refers to Christian influence not spiritistic occultic religions.

Many thanks to Don Veinot of Midwest Christian Outreach for sharing the link to my article “The Spiritual Foundation of Black Lives Matter and Umbanda Spiritism.”

Don and Joy Veinot’s article, “The Occult Religion of #Black Lives Matter,” was a source of reference for my own article and is also linked above.

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