Attached are documents that I found online during my research for Cast Out regarding my ancestors’ immigration journeys. These pictures with the captions will be interesting for you to connect my ancestors with the characters in the book.

1) Ship SS Venezia:  My paternal great-grandmother Rita Marques (Blue Eyes) and family arrived at Ellis Island from the Island of Terceira, Azores on this ship August 2, 1909.
2) ELLIS ISLAND DOCUMENT: My great-grandmother Rita (Blue Eyes) age 16; her mother Theresa de Jesus Marques (Sad Widow) age 55; her sisters Adelaide age 18, Theresa age 14; and nephew age 7, were Held for Special Inquiry at Ellis Island prior to being allowed entrance to the USA. They were considered LPC (Liable to become Public Charge) because they were women traveling alone. Only after a cousin who lived in Massachusetts presented documentation of proof of sponsorship, did my great-grandmother and family receive permission to enter the country. 
3) PASSPORT: My paternal great-grandfather Nicodemos Martucci’s (Pharisee) Italian Passport. At the age of 26, he sailed from the Port of Genoa on November 30, 1897 on the ship Equita, with his wife Maria Patera (Bella), and their 1 year-old daughter Filomena. They arrived in Brazil at the Hospedaria de Imigrantes (the immigrant processing center) in Sao Paulo on December 20, 1897.

4) IMMIGRANT MANIFEST: Ship Equita leaving from port of Genoa, Italy on December 30, 1897 to port of Santos, Brazil.

5) PASSENGER LIST #278: Nicodemos Martucci listed as Martucci Rosario (middle name only) age 26, Maria age 20, Filomena age 1. Religion listed as Catholic. Nationality:  Italian.  Province: Calabria.

6) Poster from Brazilian government inviting Italians to immigrate to Brazil (Cast Out, Chapter 6).

7) IMMIGRATION REGISTRY (without work contract): #8250) My maternal great-grandmother Francisca Martinez (Salerosa) age 11, her father Andres age 32, mother Dorotea age 32, brother Jose age 2 sailed from Spain to Brazil on the ship Italie. They arrived at the Port of Santos, Sao Paulo on March 19, 1913. Like all immigrants, they were processed for entry in Brazil at the Hospedaria de Imigrantes. From there, they were taken to a coffee plantation called Fazenda Araqua to work as indentured slaves.

8) PASSENGER LIST: #82-85) My paternal grandmother Delvina Laiginhas (Americana) was born in Taunton, Massachusetts in 1911. She arrived in Brazil on October 31, 1928 from Lisbon (Port Vigo), Portugal at the age of 17. She traveled with her father, Ricardo Laiginhas (Mustache) age 40, her step-mother Maria Prazeres age 26, and her sister Maria (Santa) age 9. Delvina’s and Maria’s birth mother was Rita Marques (Blue Eyes).

9) Family Tree used in Cast Out