A few months ago, I shared the video testimony below of Ivone Silva, ex- candomblé priestess in Brazil on my YouTube channel.  I received a legal notification email from YouTube stating that this video is blocked in Brazil. Per Brazilian law, Christian testimonies regarding ex-spiritist practitioners of Umbanda, Candomblé, or Quimbanda (Afro-Brazilian religions originating from Yoruba culture), are considered to be hate speech/ religious intolerance:

  • YOUTUBE received a court order from Brazil regarding a video that I shared on my YouTube channel.
  • The court order required YouTube in Brazil to block the video testimony of Ivone Silva, Ex-Candomblé practitioner who became a Christian that I shared on my channel “in gods we trusted”.
  • YouTube notified me via email, with a court order stating that they must comply with Brazilian local law.
  • If the video was not blocked within 72 hours of court order on my channel in Brazil, YouTube would be fined over $100,000 daily and would be responsible for any legal costs involved with the case.
  • This law deems this Christian video testimony to be offensive to African religions practiced in Brazil (i.e. Candomblé/ Umbanda/ Quimbanda); and that it is considered to instigate hate, prejudice, and discrimination.
  • The defendant (YouTube) is no longer allowed to re-introduce this particular video in Brazil. (Note:  Any video with similar content such as my personal testimony of leaving Umbanda for Christianity falls under this law considering it hate speech/ religious intolerance).
  • YouTube is ordered to supply the Brazilian government with the date, hour, location, and IP number of computers utilized to post this type of video. (Note:  My computer IP number, location, etc. has possibly been flagged by the Brazilian government).
  • The reason I post this is to alert Christians that testimonies such as mine, and many others are considered by law in Brazil as religious intolerance and hate speech.
  • I am not legally being charged, however if my testimony (or any similar testimony) is reported in Brazil, these videos must be blocked in order to comply with Brazilian laws.

After my post, several people asked for a translation of this video into English.  I have added the English translation to the video link below.

Ivone Santos

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YouTube Video Translation: Ivone Silva

Below is the translated transcript of Ivone Silva’s testimony. It is clearly not hate speech. It does not promote religious intolerance.

“You will now hear the powerful testimony of ex-spiritist priestess Ivone Silva who was consulted by the rich and famous. Today as a servant of God, she relates her testimony.

My name is Ivone Silva I was known as Mãe Baiana do Brasil (Mother Baiana of Brazil) nationally and internationally.

Demonic activities in my life began at an early stage. I was eight years old when during a certain night when I awoke to see people surrounding my bed. This is something that unfortunately I don’t like to speak of, but it is necessary to share.

I awoke in the middle of the night and they were there. There were four people surrounding me, some women and some men appearing to come from an orgy. They were inside my bedroom.


I didn’t understand, I was little and I tried to figure out who these people were. They said they were my friends who were there to accompany me. I began to find this normal— seeing those things. They asked me not to tell anyone; that they were my friends.

Later on, I began to feel alone, I had no friends. I was a child who was different, sad, demonized, very precocious. And I never felt well, nothing helped. It was just something in my life after all.

And then one day, I realized that I heard voices. And those voices most of the time, I kept searching where they came from. And I thought, they came from my friends who came to help me.

Much time passed, and I grew up with this. Whenever I saw an airplane and felt fear, they (the spirits) whispered in my ear: “That is (only) a means of transportation. You will fly a lot. You will be rich. Have jewelry. And have everything you want.”


So, I grew up with all this demonic activity. One day it dawned on me that I had certain powers. Powers to read fortunes (Tarot) cards, seashells. I began to explore this during my adolescence.

My mother was evangelical, but had turned away from the gospels, mainly due to my demonic powers. This is something that I don’t like to give much detail, but I began to frequent the “terreiro” (spiritist center) (with) my “mãe de santo” (priestess), who has now passed away.

One day—it was my birthday and a demon at the temple approached me and said that I was very dear to him. He would prove to me how much he liked me by manifesting physically to me on my birthday (party).

On the day of my birthday, a black goat was loosened inside the temple and it ran to my house. When it entered my house, it placed both paws over my birthday cake, ate a piece and disappeared.


Two days later, I returned to the temple and the demon descended and said, “Didn’t I tell you that I was going to your party?”

This made me feel good, thinking that this was a friend, an angel, a spirit guide, an “Orixá” (Yoruba god); someone good who would protect me for the rest of my life.

Little did I know that I was completely deceived. As the years passed, I learned many demonic rituals. I learned how to sacrifice animals, how to make offerings at crossroads, cemeteries, waterfalls, forests, and any imaginable satanic ritual.

All this is demonic: Cards, fortune telling, spiritism, voodoo, it’s all demonic. I can say and affirm all this because I lived within this world.

So, my brethren, as the years passed, I became more and more accustomed to all this and during all these demonic activities, I had three failed marriages. The longest marriage lasted one year.

I continued on like this thinking my life was good because I began to travel to Miami, Europe, throughout Brazil. Always very well dressed, because through my witchcraft, the devil gave me a lot of money. Perfumes, nice house, car, driver, I had it all. Except I didn’t have Jesus, who is the most precious of all.

During this entire time, I didn’t realize that I was losing my life. I never got along with my family. I never spoke to anyone, when I did it was only to offend. When they came to my house, I gave them money thinking that this was the solution to the problems. I was never a family woman; I was never a mother to my children.

I never realized the great joy of knowing Jesus, because when tribulation came, I would say “Oh my God, help me.” But it sounded strange to my ears, even though I did love Jesus. However, there’s a difference:  Calling on Jesus is one thing, knowing him is another.

In the meantime, I continued to meet famous actors, politicians, business owners, people with much money always by my side. So, I got used to this false world, a virtual world filled with cash.

Sometimes I had a lot of money, at times the money would be gone. I hate to talk about this, but I did horrible things. I sacrificed to Pomba Gira, Exu (Incubus, Succubus like spirits), gods of the forest, and waterfalls (Yoruba gods). I made offerings to all the gods.


When people requested for me to perform rituals, believe it or not, the incantations always worked. My customers paid me well. And as the “Baiana” I became famous, strong, powerful.

When I was taken to the temple to learn the rituals, the priestess didn’t have to teach me anything. Since the demon had a very personal relationship with me, he taught me everything directly.

When I speak of the devil, I want the brethren to understand that he did not appear to me with horns and tail at all. He appeared as an angel, a good person trying to help me.

When I entered the temple, I went inside the “room of saints” (room used to prepare mediums in training) as well. But I only stayed in the room for three days instead of fifteen (required) days. The priestess said, “This one is already prepared.”

But I did pass through the humiliation of drinking water of “abo” (herbal drink), to see the larvae in the meat offerings. This is it brethren, I did see it, I gave my blood to that demon. I did everything that I needed to do without the help of the priestess. Just like you brethren don’t need a priest or priestess, you need God.

It was me and the demon. I didn’t need to learn anything else because this demon taught me everything I needed to know:  How to sacrifice goats, chickens; how to open up a grave and steal a corpse’s femur. All this I learned on my own with the demon by my side.

I hate to speak of these things, but what happened was that I was such witch as any other, but the Lord saved me. Because I was forced to open up goats and chicken take their innards and make offering to the enemy. Perform rituals with dogs in heat, black cats, all this I did.


But brethren, God is bigger than all this. He saved me from all this filth, understand? Today brothers and sisters if you find yourself in this situation, don’t give offerings of moonshine to the (Exu) incubus, much less cigarettes, or any drink, or smokes, or clothing to Pomba Gira (Succubus), much less buy Cuban cigars to give to these demons. They’re all devils, and no one should offer these (gods) anything.

What we need is the anointing of the Holy Spirit through the Blood (of Christ) and you will see what happens.

I did all this, buying beautiful clothes to Pomba Gira (succubus), each one of my Orixá god had their own outfits, their drinks, their food offerings. I had quite a temple.

But to the honor and glory of our Lord, today I have Jesus in my life. This is all that matters. I won’t give the bloody details of my “animal sacrifices”.

We don’t need this. Because for the honor and glory of the Lord there is no necessity for these things. Brethren, the devil is defeated. I can say this now to the honor and glory of the Lord. When we have Jesus, listen, when we are part of Jesus’ celestial kingdom, listen well.

One day I was called to put a curse for a lady who wanted to by all means separate her daughter from her husband because her daughter was rich. Her son-in-law was poor, and she didn’t accept him.

She approached me and said, “Do this “work” (curse). How much is it?” I gave her the cost. She said, I want them separated any way possible.

When the demon descended, she made a pact with him, and I didn’t know it. Later I came to know about this pact, the demon asked for her daughter’s undergarments. And she brought it. Later on, the demonic entity appeared again and took the undergarments. At a later time, I saw the undergarments immersed in blood with a dagger in the “saint room”. For an entire year, the woman’s daughter suffered with problems in her uterus.

One day, the woman returned and asked for the same demon to appear who did the curse. When he returned, he said, “Didn’t you want to separate them with whatever it took?”

She had promised to bring him a rich offering:  Four goats’ offerings. But she didn’t do it. Since she didn’t fulfill the promise of the offerings, so he gave her daughter a disease.

And there was no way out, but for the honor and glory of the Lord, at this time the Lord was already with me. I had pity on the girl, since in reality, it wasn’t I who did the curse. I was unconscious during the rituals.

What happened was the girl was saved, she accepted Christ as her Lord and Savior. And this made me happy. But not all the stories had a happy ending.

There was a time when I went to make an offering at midnight. When approached the crossroads, it looked like there was a party there. I remember this as if it were today. They were all there (demonic spirits), (manifesting as) two men, and two women. The women drank, smoked, and laughed. They took their skirts and lifted them over their heads, exposing black garters on their legs. The men smoked and drank as if this was an orgy, a party. They were happy, and I didn’t know why.

When I got closer, I felt like I was levitating from the ground. This is when I was still young, at the beginning of my practicing (of spiritism). As I approached, they began to quiet down, until all became mute staring at me. What happened then is that I felt a tremendous sadness. I felt like I was one of them.

While they stared, I placed down my offerings as if I couldn’t see them. When I spilled the blood offering, they drank it, sticking their fingers in it bringing it to their mouths during the sacrifice.

When I turned away, I was not allowed to look backwards again, I heard their laughter and all the way home I smelled the cigar smoke as if it had impregnated in my clothes.

That night, I had a horrible night wondering when I would be set free from this. Because believe it or not, even though I did all these things, I wanted to escape it. At the same time, I was afraid to leave and lose my social status and money, my friends. This is what I feared.

But God was always powerful and saved me from this. Brethren, these people who I saw at the crossroads, laughing, drinking, and commemorating the blood offering that I brought them, they were all demons. They were not people of flesh and blood. They were demons waiting for their offerings.

And they gave me confidence that all would work out. Because they were pleased. In reality, the person who asked me to perform this ritual, got what she desired. If she’s happy today, I don’t know. If this person was saved, I don’t know that either. But I hope that the Lord finds her.

I want to ask you priests and priestesses, practitioners (of the different spiritual occult practices):  Leave this all for the love of God. Today. Listen to the voice of God, ask, plead, search Him, because He will answer.

Brethren, leave it all behind because it is all purely demonic. You are here today, if two seconds from now you are no longer here, you will be condemned to hell. To a place where there is only crying, fire, gnashing of teeth, sulfur, sadness, tears. Brothers and sisters, accept Jesus Christ.

If I cry today, I cry in my spirit, I cry with joy. Therefore, you must reject all this and accept the true God, the One who is knocking at your door every day. Because my God is a gentleman, he knocks at your door. The one who invades your life is the devil, with lies and obligations for someone who never did anything for us.

Our duty is to love Jesus Christ, he is our great provider who did all things for us. Brethren, run to (Him) today so you may have a sleep of peace, so you may have your home redeemed and washed by the blood of Christ. For you to see how wonderful it is to have Jesus Christ in your life, a present friend, 24 hours by your side to help you in your days here on earth with peace and hope. To have victory and salvation, in Jesus Name renounce all this.

I pray that these words enter your hearts. Only Jesus Christ saves. Only Jesus Christ can do all things. Look here, I abandoned this practice of Mãe de Santo (priestess) when I was at the top of my successful career.

I was on my way to Miami to do consultations for 70 people for $300.00 apiece. This is when the Lord called me, and I could not resist because I felt his calling in my heart.

I saw that He wanted to give me life, and life in abundance. Leave all this today brethren. Break it all (the curses/ strongholds). Do you think the devil will kill you? No, he will not. You will break in Jesus, He will wash you in the blood of the Lamb, he will cleanse you and you will live your life in peace enjoying your days by the Lord’s side.

You who have images, statues of deities/ saints made of clay, cement, plastic, wood, steel—all of these are satanic. They have demons. Open your Bibles. (All the Orixá gods are related to Catholic Saints:  Syncretism), therefore behind each statue/ image is a demon. This, no one can silence because it’s the truth.


I’m telling you this in order that you be edified. The only one we may worship is God, Jehovah, King of kings. When it comes to idolatry, open your Bible to Apocalypse and you will see.

Apocalypse 22, verse 15 says:  But outside are dogs and sorcerers and sexually immoral and murderers and idolaters, and whoever loves and practices a lie.

Brethren, during this cursed life trajectory with demons by my side, I never got along with anyone. I was very ignorant, stressed, never slept. I used tranquilizers. I didn’t get along with my children, or any man. It was a horrible life, a crazy life.

I only liked parties, to prostitute myself. Nothing gave me pleasure. I was compulsive. Everything thing that was vanity, I wanted to buy. I felt that if I bought these things, I was fulfilling a need that never was fulfilled.

But what I needed was love, the love of God, the love of Jesus Christ in my life. And during these demonic activities all I had was regret and sadness.

Only Jesus Christ can cleanse us, restore us, and give us love. Satan is filled with wile and is very astute. One time I went to the cemetery to leave food offerings to a (demonic) deity.

When I arrived at the cemetery, at the entrance, I saw an old man with three black dogs. The old man was covered in sack cloth, burlap rags coming undone, brownish. He was hideous, with a long beard and boils on his face.

When I approached, he said, “Did you bring my food?”

I had chills from the top of my head to my toes. I stared at that man, and he stared back with protruding eyes while I felt as if I was levitating. I placed the food over a tomb.

When I began to leave, and he said, “Don’t look back.” And he remained there as I peeked sideways and saw that his nails were like claws tearing at the meat.

I could never forget that horrible scene. This demon brought me here just to appear/ manifest as “Omulu” (a deity of diseases and greatly feared and revered in Candomblé).


Another time I was visiting a city where a crime was committed. Everyone was fearful asking who committed this crime. A young man of 17 was killed with two stab wounds to the chest.

I stayed at this city for 4 days. During one night, I went to sleep and saw the young man standing next to me. He stared at me with blood coming out of his mouth, nose, eyes.

The following day, I saw him again at night. This happened four days in a row. He kept following me. On the last night I asked God to make him disappear from my life since I was terrified.

And a demon manifested before me in the room. His feet were like goat’s. His tongue like a serpent’s when he spoke. From his trunk up, he was like a man, the bottom part was like a horse. His nails were black, and he wore a velvet cape. Inside the lining was red, outside it was black. He had a trident in his hand, wore a goatee, and laughed while staring at me. On his forehead, were two small horns. His skin was reddish/ purplish.

He said laughing, “I’m not here to play. I don’t want you to play around.” This is because I owed him a food offering, moonshine, cigar, and red candles. I owed him this.

He stomped the floor with his goat feet and growled like a mad dog at me. Suddenly there was a horrible odor like sulfur, acrid. He was angry because I had not made my food offering as promised.

Immediately, he transformed into the young man who was murdered. That’s when I understood that this demon was transforming in the image of the young man to fool me. This happened as certain as God lives, I did see all this.

All apparitions are created by Satan—since he has (the ability to perform) many special effects. He loves to scare and trick people. Because he came to kill, steal, and destroy.

Well then brethren, I worked much for the elite, high society, actors/ artists. Some famous people here in Brazil, I cannot name. It would be rude for me to expose these people. But I assure you, there were many.

Whomever is watching my testimony live, will be able to see their faces projected on the screen. And will be able to see documents proving the validity of all this. My testimony is true, and of God.

I was also consulted by many politicians—but don’t worry, I will not reveal names.

There were many international actors/ performers whom I am allowed to name. I consulted for Gloria Estefan from Miami Sound Machine, Andy Garcia, Sylvester Stallone. And all this I have documented to the honor and glory of the Lord.

All these people, they had no problem paying me, and they paid me well. What did they want? Fame, success, money, beauty, these are the things they wanted.

It’s a shame, but few of them accept the reality today. Many hang up the phone on me. Some call me with threats for me not to speak of them. But to the honor and glory of the Lord, I have given this testimony.

Brethren, it’s incredible how these people become dependent on this type of thing, this lifestyle. This experience with the devil affected me profoundly. But the Lord came and cleaned me, and washed me of all the guilt, tears, it was wonderful.

I hope that the Lord is like this all powerful in the lives of people who are still involved with demons, these artists/ performers.

Brethren, this is how my conversion happened, how Jesus saved me. I was going to Miami, and there I had 70 consultations scheduled, each for $300.00.

When I entered the plane, it was a blessing. I was seated in first class, very chic, all dressed up, flashy bling jewelry—looking like a Christmas tree. I was at my seat, eating during an evening flight.

The U.S. for me by now was my second home. I had an apartment rented since I constantly traveled there to practice divination, witchcraft, and all things demonic.

So, as I sat there in the special section of the plane, the curtain pulled back, and when I looked up, I saw a servant of the Lord.


She looked at me and said, “Ma’am, are you having dinner, am I disturbing you? Forgive me. But the Holy Spirit spoke to me back there.”


She looked at me and said, “The Lord wants me to tell you to stop doing everything that you’re doing.”

“Doing what?” I tried to act dumb.

She said, “You know what (I’m talking about). Stop in the name of Jesus Christ. He said enough.”

Then brethren, I almost died of fright. When she started to walk away, I asked, what’s your name?

She said, “Missionary Silvia.”

When I arrived in Miami, I got my luggage and rushed home. I entered the apartment filled with dread. The girl who assisted me said in Spanish, “What’s wrong? You’re so stressed.”

I said, “Get away from me creature, for the love of God. I’m not up for anything.” I hid from Jesus under my comforter. I was thinking either God or the devil was about to get me. I was afraid.

What the devil did with me was to tell me that I never had a chance with Jesus. The devil is a liar. If that’s what he is telling you brothers, he’s lying. In the Name of Jesus Christ, you have all the chances in the world.

I remained hiding, and the girl returned and said there was a man at the door who wanted to speak with me.

I said, “Tell him I’m not here, creature.”

She said, “But he insists, ma’am.”

Since he wouldn’t leave, I got up and went to the door. Standing there was a man wearing lipstick, all dressed up, wearing a cape, hair slicked back, and I said, “Dear Lord, what’s this?”

He said, “I’m Walter Mercado (celebrity astrologer).


He offered me $9,000 to work two days a week. He would bring to Miami my children, my husband, and pay for my room and board at the Double Tree.

The entire time, I just stared at this man giving him a “no” while he kept insisting. Finally, he said, “$18,000, end of discussion.”

I opened the door and asked him to leave. I said to the girl, “Rose, I’m going to (Orlando) pick up some things at Disney for the kids, and I’m returning home.”

When I arrived back home in Brazil, after 4 days instead of the planned 4 months, my husband couldn’t understand what was happening.

Since I believed that the devil was telling me the truth, I was horrified when I got back home not knowing how to tell my husband that I was afraid. And that’s when Satan put in my mind that I needed to commit suicide.

That’s when things got heavy. Listen well, I had not yet accepted Jesus Christ. Still fearful and not knowing what to do, I wanted to escape from one side to another, not knowing where to seek for help. Demons kept telling me to kill myself since I was worthless.

So, I got a gun to kill myself, but then I thought to take rat poison instead, it was better that way. But as the brethren knows, I’m chubby. And someone I knew who died from rat poisoning—his face was so bloated even though he was thin, it made me worry about how big my face would be? It (my appearance) would haunt my children (forever).

I decided to get the gun and shoot myself in the ear. A while back, I remembered some lowlife telling me that if the bullet had a hole in it, it wouldn’t hurt. So, I grabbed a nail and a hammer to put a hole in the bullet. Meanwhile, I’m thinking that my children may hear the noise and come running to me.

I then picked up a magazine laying on top of the bed. It had some sayings on it that looked like a church publication. I didn’t know it was evangelical however when I called a number on the page.

The woman answered saying, “Jesus loves you.”

jesus loves you

And I said was, “Fine, what do you say about a person who wants to commit suicide?”

She was horrified, and asked why I wanted to kill myself. I said, just tell me what to do, what to read so I can die in peace.

She asked my name, but I said, if I tell you my name, you won’t want to talk to me. She insisted and I gave her my (spiritual) name, “Baiana of Brasil”.

She said, “Ah, now I’m really going to talk to you.”

Brethren, this woman was strongly used by God. She said, “Sister, give me your address.”

I asked her what for? And she said, “Well aren’t you going to die? If you want to die today Baiana, I’ll help you die.”

I thought, this is beautiful. I found someone courageous to help me. She asked for my address again, and I asked, what for?

She said, “I want to go to your funeral.” And after much arguing back and forth, I gave her my address.

She was used by the Holy Spirit when she said, “Let’s read Psalm 91, 22, 23, 104, 102.” Brethren, it was almost an hour of praying when I said, “Woman I want to die now, I’ve prayed enough.”

She said, “No, calm down. We’re praying only two more (psalms).”

As as she said this, my son called out to me saying that someone was downstairs calling on the intercom. I asked him, “Who is it?”

My son said, “They’re saying that they are God’s people.”

When I heard that, I told him to let them come in, since they were saying if we didn’t open the door, they would break the door down.

When they walked in, they took me by the arms saying, “Let’s go sister.” And they took me to church.

My brethren, at the church, demons were expelled (from me) like you wouldn’t believe. The girl from the phone had given them my address.

It was such a relief, and I accepted Christ. I arrived home filled with joy. When my husband saw me, he asked, “What’s going on?”

I said, “Nothing.” And that day I slept so well. The following morning, a sister (from the church) called me and asked if I had told my husband that I had accepted Christ.

I didn’t know what to say, and told her that I would let my husband know the following day. She asked me to tell him that same day, but I didn’t have the courage.

That night, the Holy Spirit woke me. I said to my husband that I needed to tell him something, but I didn’t have the courage to do so.

He asked me to tell him and I blurted out: “I accepted Jesus and no longer work for the devil.” Hallelujah.

My husband looked at me with wide eyes and said, “You’ll starve to death.”

I said, “I rebuke this in the Name of Jesus Christ.”

When he heard this, God used him when he said, “Now that you have accepted Him, continue on, don’t turn back under any circumstances.”

This made me so happy, even though neither my husband or my children had accepted Christ yet.

There was one year of testing. The devil did everything (against me). I lived a tremendous life because, even though I lost my store, my car, my jewels, my money, everything— but I didn’t lose my faith, or my children, or my husband. Praise God, my family remained intact as it is today. Hallelujah.

The Lord bathed my home with His blood, because my son accepted Jesus Christ, my daughter, my other son, my husband all accepted Christ. Praise God my house today is saved. Hallelujah.

The past creature, the “Baiana” I killed (was gone), but in the mind of others, she still existed. People kept calling me for spells and potions. Famous people called. Brethren, this person here today is victorious. Hallelujah in Jesus Name.

new creature

I lost it all. I find it hard to find a Christian who would ever say they want to be a millionaire. No.

I accepted Jesus, and I’m happy with Christ. I’m maintaining my life, because the Lord blesses us. That old creature that had a Toyota, jewels, brand name clothing, was well-liked in famous circles, TV, in nightclubs, restaurants—that creature has died.

But there’s one thing:  The Lord always provided. Today, I may not sail in yachts, drive my Toyota, I don’t have my store, but I have Jesus Christ, and He doesn’t shame me, He doesn’t allow me to be hungry, to be unworthy.

When we accept Jesus it’s a journey, and Jesus didn’t come for cowards. I didn’t hold on to anything (material) even a pair of boots given to me by the devil, was stolen. Hallelujah.

The devil took back everything he gave me. I lost my car saying, “Amen”. Lost my store saying, “Amen”. I lost everything saying, Hallelujah.

I knew that the Lord honored me, and for His Honor and Glory, I’m here today to give this testimony with much joy because the Lord rescued me.

At the height of my necessities, I was in my house without any bread when a famous person called offering me a great deal of money to perform “macumba” (voodoo) rituals for them in Rio de Janeiro. And I said, “No, I’m waiting on the Lord.” And the Lord was faithful to me and will always be in the life of anyone who seeks Him in Spirit and Truth.

Another beautiful thing the Lord did in my life. The Lord is wonderful and beautiful always. Filled with splendor and love. I had nothing to eat at my house. And I was sad and said, “Lord, have mercy on us. What do I do?”

I went out and much to my surprise, I saw a man riding by on a bicycle when two chickens fell off his bike onto my sidewalk. I grabbed the chickens and chased after him yelling, but he didn’t hear me.

Feeling sad, I entered the house with the chickens, thinking that I could cook them. But then, my Jesus, if he returned, I wouldn’t have money to give him for his chickens. What should I do?

So, a sister called, and asked, “Did you receive your blessing?”

I said, “No blessing, but I have problem. Two chickens fell on my sidewalk, but I’m scared to eat them in case the man comes looking for them.”

“My sister, go eat the chickens. It’s a gift from God,” she said.

(Laughing) Hallelujah, that day we cooked the chickens, ate them and were happy with God’s mercy in our lives.

Another great blessing that the Lord did in my life when I had nothing—you’ll say, “this sister only says she had nothing.”

After one entire year (of testing) (Let me give you an) example: an engineer comes to Christ and remains an engineer, a doctor comes to Christ and remains a doctor; but a spiritist/ occultist (Satanist) can’t continue on, and my profession was “macumba” (spiritist medium/ voodoo practitioner).

My husband had an industrial air-conditioning company. He closed it to work with me serving demons, we were both involved in the occult, and now there was nothing to live on.

People turned their back on us as is customary when people accept Jesus Christ. So, I went downstairs with my daughter and was playing with her outside my building. Suddenly, I’m praying and asking God to have mercy on us, since I had nothing (to eat) that day.

In a bit, a bird approached us—a tiny yellow thing with a black head, singing its heart out. Such happy little creature. My neighbor came over and asked if the bird was ours. I thought it was strange how it stayed close to us without flying away. She said, “What a beautiful bird. Will you catch it for me?”

She brought over a bird cage and I helped her place it inside. She said that her son was crying because his own bird had flown away, so she decided to take this one home (to her son).

Soon her son returned with a check, “My mother sent this for you.” (Money his mother would have spent buying him a new bird).

I thanked the Lord, and went to buy some things. Soon the boy returned crying saying the (new found) bird had (also) escaped. I told him how sorry I was, and now I didn’t have any money to return to him.

The boy said, he just wanted his bird to come back. Later on, he returned very happy saying that his original bird had suddenly returned.

And this is how the Lord has done so many miracles, and there’s not enough space in this recording to tell of all the wonders God has done for me.

Brethren, there’s something that I don’t like to discuss much, but it’s important. We need to sanctify ourselves more, refrain from (certain TV programs). Have you watched the (new) telenovela showcasing such idolatry? It’s very demonic, even if you lack wisdom, you understand that these things (on TV) are not good.

The angel flung from heaven, who is he? Satan. I worked with artists/ performers. They all talk about “macumba” (placing curses on others) using the occult/ voodoo.

Brethren, these people (on TV/ entertainment) share these demonic practices in their lives, in their blood, all the time. What they do is cursed. These TV programs are cursed nowadays. Usually they consecrate themselves to demons. Whenever you see people rise in fame, most likely they are involved in satanism.

We say these things because we trust in the Lord. But the demonic curses are great, including in music. There are certain songs that are purely demonic, satanic.

We need to pay attention to what we bring into our homes, to the center of our families. There’s much disrespect in Christian homes. If you have cable, you can watch Christian programing. Little by little you will achieve more sanctification in your lives. Movies with blood and gore, the children grow up watching the violence and horror, it’s not good for them.


All these things are involved in satanism. Here in Brazil where people practice “macumba” (occult/ voodoo/ witchcraft), imagine in Haiti, Panama—I’ve been there—even in the United States (they practice these things). I visited Columbia Pictures where Sylvester Stallone was filming, and I saw up-close how many things are consecrated to Satan.

Several movies (The Exorcist, Rosemary’s baby) are purely satanic. Some people in church, are so clueless that they still rent movies like this.

Brethren, don’t mess with these things. Let the devil be in his own corner. Let’s believe in Jesus, but know that demons also have power, understand? What shall we do then? We must consecrate ourselves (to the Lord) and only bring into your homes things that will sanctify us.

Another thing, let’s be faithful when it comes to tithing. The devil whispers in Christian’s ears when it’s time to give by saying things like: You give money to the pastor when he rides in his nice car and you walk. He eats well. So, the Christian gives only half, and this opens up doors for demonic activity.


Brethren, be watchful, pray, and be faithful.”


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