I’m so happy to share that my testimony of deliverance from Umbanda spiritism has been published by Deeper Revelation Books.

Ivani Greppi was introduced to the Umbanda (Yoruba) Religion in Brazil at the age of fourteen. She was considered a medium from birth due to her psychic “gifts” of seeing the spirit world from early childhood. In 1997, a Brazilian pastor visited the family’s printing business in Florida. God used this casual event—a simple business card order—to deliver Ivani and her family from generations of occult practices.

Ivani is a RN with a heart for medical missionary work. She lives in Florida with her husband Maciel. Her four grandchildren are her love and passion. Ivani’s personal transformation story in English and Portuguese is found on the comparative religion website: www.thetruelight.net. She is part of the True Light Task Force. This booklet is also available in Portuguese: De Guias Espirituais ao Espírito Santo: Ex-Médium Umbandista Transformada pelo Senhor.


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